Prevention and longevity

It is said in Chinese medicine that:

“Waiting to be sick to heal is like waiting to be thirsty to start digging a well. ” – Nei Jing


“Waiting for illness to begin to heal is like declaring war before you have prepared your weapons.”

We all know that prevention is better than cure. But, as human beings, our nature plays the role of carelessness and indiscipline… until the day when the appearance of a disease shakes us.

Maintaining your health and autonomy for as long as possible is a desire that becomes more and more present with the accumulation of years.

Several books have been published in recent years to awaken us to the importance of a healthy lifestyle in order not only to reverse the body’s inevitable course of action, but above all, to enable us to enjoy a healthy life for as long as possible.

Among the means used by people where living a century-old and healthy life is five times more frequent than here, there is food, medicinal plants, qigong and acupuncture.

That’s good, we practice these approaches…  See what we can do for you…