First appointment

For the first meeting you can choose between:

1 – Health check-up and plan (adult or child):

It is a long meeting (discussion, analysis, evaluation) lasting about 75 minutes to talk about your small and bigger ailments in order to find an effective good health strategy that respects your budget.

This type of appointment is recommended if you:

  • have chronic pain or chronic health problems or
  • want to improve your overall health or
  • look for a preventive health method or
  • don’t know what could be beneficial to you or
  • want a comprehensive method that integrates complementary therapies or
  • wish to use one of our health programs

Following this meeting, we will be able to suggest a treatment plan using the approach(s) most appropriate to your condition or that of your child.

2 – Acupuncture appointment only

Analysis of your problem followed by a first treatment

Usually for:

  • A traumatic pain
  • A pregnant woman:
    • Preparation for childbirth (from the 3rd week)
    • Pregnancy-related discomfort (nausea, pain, baby version, etc.)

3 – Orthotherapy appointment (massage therapy)

Preparation for the first appointment

What to do before a first appointment in Chinese Medicine?

Please prepare bring:

  • Your completed and signed questionnaires
  • The list of your medications and health products
  • Your last blood tests
  • Your latest exam reports

If you have an acupuncture appointment:

  • Eat lightly
  • Bring shorts and a T-shirt or loose clothing


  • Avoid scratching or brushing your tongue
  • Check if you have private insurance coverage, and for which discipline


  • Acupuncture performed by acupuncturist doctor only
  • Acupuncture by professional acupuncturist
  • Naturopathy
  • Other

How is the first appointment going?

  • I welcome you to my office for a confidential and detailed discussion of your discomforts:
    • Listening to your request and your questions
    • Listening to your history: steps, results, experiences, etc.
    • Review of initial questionnaires and medical check-ups
  • I note the signs and symptoms and proceed with the examination as follows:
    • Classification of symptoms using different analysis grids (Law of 5 movements, Substances, Ba Gang, Zang-Fu)
    • Pulse measurement according to Chinese Medicine
    • Observation of language characteristics according to Chinese Medicine
    • Palpation of meridians if necessary
    • Blood pressure measurement
  • I do the analysis of the imbalance(s) and simply explain the mechanisms involved
  • I suggest a treatment strategy