Our Convictions

Here is a short summary of our convictions:

  • Importance of a comprehensive approach to truly help: treating the global imbalance responsible for the disease (the “roots”) and not only the symptoms or manifestations (its “leaves”)
  • Existence of inseparable relationships between the physical, mental, emotional and energetic dimensions. And we can even add the spiritual dimension, although our treatments do not address it
  • An absence of disease or a normal blood test or other normal tests are not necessarily proof of good health
  • Prevention of disease is not the same as early detection. True prevention is preventing or delaying the onset of disease. Early detection is trying to discover as early as possible the presence of a disease that is already established and growing.
  • Our state of health is not always and irremediably dominated by our genes or our heredity. We can often positively influence the genetic response and our health.
  • Each type of medicine has its strengths, its privileged field of action; the combination of more than one type of therapy can often prove beneficial and even essential. Thus, and without wanting to limit their respective scope, I would say that conventional medicine is sovereign for the treatment of emergencies, especially when life is in danger, while oriental medicine has been a master, for thousands of years, in helping to restore and preserve health by treating the causes and not only the symptoms.