About us

The beginnings

I first founded the Clinique de santé Michel Morissette in 1999 with the main goal of offering an alternative to chronic health problems for which conventional medicine is sometimes deprived or only uses palliative solutions, i.e. symptom relief.

Before I discovered the fascinating world of natural medicines, the pharmacist I was was looking for a deeper or global understanding of the expression and functioning of the “living”, without knowing where or how.

I redirected myself into natural health after discovering other ways of treating, old approaches that I had no idea existed during my university studies. Some of these approaches have been taught and used effectively in the East for millennia, but almost completely ignored by Western medical science and its universities.

An integrative vision of the functioning of living organisms

Of course, I will never question the immense services provided by the discoveries of biology and modern medicine. Antibiotics or insulin, as well as extraordinary surgical procedures, for example, have saved countless lives. In short, official medicine plays and will always play an indispensable role.

However, my scientific training, essentially based on a material and biochemical understanding of the living system, was confronted with a very different, “expanded” vision, brought about by other approaches or philosophies of care such as Traditional Chinese Medicine or homeopathy.

My initial scepticism did not last long in the face of the surprising results I observed.

But, beyond the benefits for the patients, I discovered in these natural approaches a logic and a profound wisdom. The human being could only be truly studied, understood and helped effectively after having observed all its facets, namely its physical, mental, emotional and energetic dimensions.

My approach is essentially based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

I am particularly inspired by the “Medicine of the Emperor”, the one practiced by the Emperor of China’s doctors to keep him in good health, so that he could enjoy a long life and generate many descendants… As you will have understood, Chinese medicine at its best is one of vitality and longevity; it stimulates the body’s innate capacity for self-regulation and self-healing, to help “add life to the years and years to life”.

In addition, my combined training in pharmacy and natural complementary medicine firmly convinces me that conventional medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and other natural therapies have a strong interest in collaborating and integrating their respective knowledge for the greater good of all.

Aware that no single medicine offers a complete solution to all problems, I am in favour of the complementarity of approaches. That’s why I like to work in collaboration with doctors, pharmacists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, midwives, dentists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, psychologists, nurses, etc.