Chronic fatigue

Fatigue can take many forms and has many causes that are sometimes difficult to identify. Of course, like any living organism, the human body needs sufficient rest, restorative sleep, a healthy and complete diet, but also a minimum of physical activity and brain and emotional stimulation.

Despite these “basic” “fulfilled” “conditions”, it happens that an imbalance nevertheless settles in and disrupts the energy level.

Triggering factors can come from an external cause such as physical or mental overwork, emotions, errors/deficit/excess to food, but also “internal” when an organic function becomes deficient.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, external or internal causes will have an impact on different systems (rat/pancreas, liver, kidneys, etc.) and will lead to a series of manifestations including fatigue.

It is then advisable to analyse your overall state of health in order to suggest a natural treatment that will help you regain a better balance and your lost energy.